An example of adaptation
April 6, 2018

Are you in an online business and running challenges?

Are you finding that your participants continually drop off at around day 3?

I’m in the same boat so decided to look at why and what I could do about it.

The third day is the day that most people drop off. It’s an interesting phenomenon. It’s like, we can do things for two days, but on the third day, uh-uh. It’s gone. And it’s something to do with the fact that two days is fine. It doesn’t really stir things up. You kind of make some discoveries. It’s nice and easy. And then on the third day, that’s the day things could change. That’s the day that we stop.

Why? Because we have this thing inside us called a subconscious. Our subconscious is there to do a lot of tasks, one of these things is that it keeps us safe. And it’s worked pretty well because we’re still here, so obviously, something is working in our lives. Even if we’re not happy.

Let’s talk a little bit about the subconscious

Our subconscious is that part of ourselves that prevents us from going into danger. A couple of thousand years ago we were all hunter-gatherers. At that stage, we looked at patterns. Always looking at patterns, because structures and patterns can tell us that something abnormal is about to happen or is happening.

You might see this sometimes, in a horror, mystery film, where someone’s walking along, and all of the sudden, the birds fly up and into the sky, and everyone goes, “Oh, something’s about to happen!” That is our very basic instinct looking at the fact that birds flying all of the sudden into the sky is a break in the harmony of a nice, beautiful, relaxing day.

If we were hunters and gatherers, we would go, “Wow, that could be prey. We could be getting fed” or it could be danger, “we could be the prey”. A change in pattern would heighten our awareness. That’s our subconscious at a very, very basic level, looking for disruptions in the patterns of our lives.

We’re more sophisticated than we were when we were throwing spears, and javelins, and rocks, and killing mammoths, or whatever we did back then but that instinct is still there Now it is about learning what to do with that instinct. About learning what to do with a part of ourselves that looks for patterns.

We can either go into flight, fight or freeze. How we react can be used as an indicator of something happening in our lives. Something that either is to be embraced because there’s some change coming that we’ve instigated, that we want to do, or that maybe there is something going on that we need to address.

Can we do in 3 days what usually takes 5?

I’ll let you in on one of my specialities – beating sabotages. We are going to instigate change before the subconscious can step in and sabotage.

We are commencing on Tuesday the 10th of April, you receive be getting a reminder email in the morning and I’ll be live on my page at 9.30am for the Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. If you miss the live broadcast there is a follow-up email with the link.

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