Case Study – Kinesiology for Business
February 18, 2018

What happens in a kinesiology for business balance?

This is shared with permission from a session last week. I have changed her name to keep confidentiality.

Eve is in her first 3 years of business. She had booked a 1 session sabotage clearing with me in January where we had worked on her fear of being attacked if she was too visible online because she felt like she was new to the industry and so felt that she didn’t know enough (even though she had achieved some great results with her clients).

Eve booked a kinesiology session with me because she found that she would start posting at the beginning of the week but by the end of the week, she felt worn out and quite often was too busy doing other things in her work.

After listening to Eve’s distress I asked her what would happen if she did a full week’s worth of posting for a month. Eve said she would probably sell a few more of her sessions and have more enrolments for her planned webinar. I asked her what would happen to her personal life. At this question Eve burst into tears.

Eve’s fear was that if she got too busy she wouldn’t have enough time for her children and her husband, who was not the most supportive, would get resentful.

After more searching, Eve found that she was also scared that if she became famous and increased her income her friends might not like her as much.

We set a goal “I can have a successful career with an enriched life balance”

Eve’s emotion was insecurity around being loved.

On a muscle test (a kinesiology technique to access the subconscious), she chose to work with colour. Colour is interesting as it can influence us with its vibrational impact (all colours are actually vibrations, the lighter the colour the higher the vibration, this is why dark colours can make us feel sad and lighter colours can make us feel happy).

Further muscle testing showed that she needed to look at the colour yellow and imagine it fading to white then strengthening again.

I made my screen yellow and screen shared whilst we talked about what the colour yellow represents.

“The colour yellow can be anxiety producing as it is fast moving and can cause us to feel agitated.

Yellow has a tendency to make you more mentally analytical and critical – this includes being self-critical as well as critical of others.

Yellow is non-emotional, coming from the head rather than the heart. Yellow depends on itself, preferring to not get emotionally involved.

Yellow is related to the ego and our sense of self-worth, to how we feel about ourselves and how we are perceived by others.

If you are going through a lot of change in your life you may find you can’t tolerate the colour yellow very well. It means that you are having trouble coping with all the changes at the moment and yellow vibrates too fast for you, making you feel stressed.” taken from…

We talked about this whilst imagining the yellow gradually fading out to white.

We talked about moving too fast and working within the safety zone. The outcome was that Eve will let herself post 3 times next week, 4 times the week after etc and gradually build up her posts. We then did some breathing exercises to help her to calm her anxiety and reconnect with her “why”

The next session we will look at the fears around being too busy for her family.

Eve said that she feels lighter, more confident now that she has a plan and not so overwhelmed.

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