5 things Toby taught me
May 28, 2018

On Saturday, after nursing our beloved fur baby Toby, it was time to make the decision and allow him to cross the rainbow bridge. This is what Toby taught me. Lesson 1 – Keep wagging your tail It didn’t matter what […]

The importance of human contact
April 5, 2018

Many of us spend many hours alone, in front of computer screens.   Sometimes our isolation is our worst enemy.   Our perception of ourselves, our ideas, our dreams and our success can be distorted when we have no one […]

Change your mood with your breath
December 1, 2017
It's hard to let your breath out when you've been holding it in for so long. When we first start a project, we're excited. Excited people have shallow breath. Have you ever noticed this? You're just about to go and [...]