The T.E.A. process
June 15, 2018

Manifesting is as easy as T.E.A. The tea principle is a simple method for manifesting whatever you desire. I’ve been using it for a while and thought it time to share it with you. First I’m going to share one […]

An example of adaptation
April 6, 2018

Are you in an online business and running challenges? Are you finding that your participants continually drop off at around day 3? I’m in the same boat so decided to look at why and what I could do about it. […]

What’s so gold about Golden Paste?
October 10, 2017
What’s so gold about Golden Paste? Yes I have to admit, when I first heard about this I was sceptical. There are so many concoctions and “snake oil” mixtures found on the internet and posted in face book that I [...]
Letting go
October 10, 2017
Sometimes who and what we care about doesn’t meet our expectations. We feel betrayed, sometimes angry, sometimes regretful. It is like the past keeps replaying in our mind in a looped tape of pain. We keep getting hooked into wishes [...]
What is the shadow self?
October 10, 2017
What is the shadow self? In many esoteric circles, we talk about working with shadow self. I’d like to introduce you to her if you are not already familiar. Carl Yung defined the shadow self as ” the unknown dark [...]
October 10, 2017
Many times I have someone I’m working with say that they are having trouble connecting with their passion. I ask “what is your passion”? and the answer is usually along the line of helping people, or women specifically, reach their [...]
How to interpret dreams
October 10, 2017
I want to share how I learned to interpret dreams as it may help you to work out what your night visions are telling you. The first step is to put all our dream interpretation books away. No more looking [...]
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