Terms And Conditions

Privacy Policy and Terms/conditions (As at 6th November 2017)

Access to your information

Under the professional standards I follow (see links below), I will not release information to any third parties (including third party marketing businesses, partners, parents and/or the legal/police professions) without your written and verbal consent unless legally required to immediately do so. You will always be informed if your information is requested by a third party.


Your client notes are to assist me in your sessions. If you would like a copy of them at any time please contact me and I will supply them to you as soon as is practical. If they are not extensive I may be able to scan and email, otherwise I will photocopy and send by registered mail. I will not charge for this service.

Collection of personal data and contact information

During the enrollment for a course or consultation, the information supplied to me will not be forwarded to any external internet marketing business or third party of similar nature.

All consultation clients are given the opportunity to elect if I may contact you after the session for follow-up and if willing to be contacted with business offers. If you choose not to participate your wishes will be honoured.

I may contact you through a bulk mail program with offers and information which I believe you may find useful. There is always the option to “opt-out” of these mail-outs.

Alteration to this privacy policy

These terms and conditions may be altered from time to time and notice will be via email to existing clients, the marketing offer mailing list and onto the Sharon Stanford Transformative Kinesiologist facebook page.

List of Links for Privacy Policies this business adheres to

(AKA is the Australian Kinesiology Association)

Australian Privacy Principles (APP) and how they relate to the AKA

AKA Practitioners/MembersAustralian Privacy Principles Fact Sheet 17

Australian Privacy Principles (APP) specific to the Health Industry

Terms and Conditions

When booking a package you will be informed in writing of the expiry date which is usually 28 days after the last scheduled booking. We may negotiate an extension on this date depending on circumstances at my discretion.

If you are booking one session or a trial session your expiry date is 28 days from payment. We may negotiate an extension on this date. We may negotiate an extension on this date depending on circumstances at my discretion.

Refunds on courses are as follows:

Before 1 week of commencement – full refund less admin fee.

Within 1 week of commencement – 75% refund rounded to the nearest dollar less admin fee

Once the course is started there is no set refund although I may refund some of the course fees at my discretion, less the admin fee.

Payment plans:

I am trusting you to honour your payment plan. If you are having difficulties keeping to our arrangement please contact me as I am sure we can renegotiate. Just cancelling your booking is not cancelling a payment plan. Talk to me about what is going on.

Admin fee:

An admin fee of AU$30 will be deducted from any refund. Refunds will be processed into your nominated bank account.

Purchases of products:

Products ordered will not be shipped until full payment is received. All products will be sent by standard Australian Mail unless otherwise specified by yourself. If you are desiring another type of delivery the extra cost will be added to your order.


Payment may be received by:

  • credit card over the phone (Visa, Mastercard, AMEX)
  • links within my booking schedule
  • payment by credit card in person (visa, Mastercard, Amex, cash)
  • Bank Transfer (please contact me for details)

All refunds are by bank transfer regardless of payment method.