No residual pain
Thanks for the great kinesiology session last weekend. My left shoulder and arm has felt totally normal again this week… very comfortable at work, no residual pain whatsoever no matter how much physical strain I place it under. I am very impressed!
I feel better
After doing my tapping exercises I feel better about myself and my body image - even when I look in the mirror.
Gentle & Warm
Sharon is gentle and warm yet clear and direct - a gorgeous combo! I loved how she talked me through everything as we went and made sure I understood what we were doing. So wonderful! Thank you Sharon
Sharon Delivers!!!
"Sharon delivers! Loved my work with her so much. She is great at getting to the nitty gritty and knows her stuff. Even if you don't know what you need, this would be well worth it, you'll work it out in session! xxx"
no bullshit approach
“I have known Sharon for a while but for some reason I resisted booking a Sabotage Clearing session with her - perhaps I was worried what was going to come up!  Needless to say I didn't need to be worried. My session with Sharon was absolutely amazing! She quickly helped me get to the root of my sabotage, helped me to work through where it was coming from, and gave me practical strategies for managing myself as these situations arise again in the future.  I love Sharon's no bullshit approach! She gets to the heart of the matter but does it in such a kind and gentle way.  I will definitely be back for another session!”
Laura Dick
what I’d been looking for.
“I worked with Sharon Stanford on a sabotage a couple of weeks ago. I saw her offer and knew it was exactly what I'd been looking for. So i snapped it up.
And well sabotage got in the way didn't it. I had my little one awake and we were running late so it ended up being lunch time. Sharon was cool as a cucumber and said to let her know once i had her asleep and we'd try again. That flexibility meant i actually got a session not a semblance of something kind of not really workable.
And the session itself was great. Sharon got straight to the point and worked down any layers and confirmed everything before moving to the next thing.
The effects things in general have been smoother. I'm more easily able to catch myself if i slip and I'm getting more work done! Yes. Thank you. X”
Emma Mc
Sharon delivers!
"Sharon delivers! Loved my work with her so much. She is great at getting to the nitty gritty and knows her stuff. Even if you don't know what you need, this would be well worth it, you'll work it out in session! "
clarity and awareness
"Thank you, Sharon, for adding extra clarity to the clarity and awareness I already have about myself and my business"
Sarah Merry
lighter after our sessions
“ I highly recommend Sharon, I feel so much lighter after our sessions.”
Debbie Jay
“In the space of about half an hour she helped me to put all my stuff EXACTLY where it was meant to be.
Result? I have done SO SO SO MUCH work this weekend that I don't mind putting the laptop down now for a little gym and visiting friends. Thank you lovely! I can't wait to work with you more”
Min Giannini
Inspiring session
"Today I had the most inspiring session with Sharon Stanford. Usually we work on me, using Kinesiology. Though today as usual we got talking about other things and Sharon started telling me about how she did a healing on her business and more about her Intuitive Business Sessions & I jumped at the chance to work with her and my business.
Wow! I am so very glad that I did. This woman is pure gold and so on point I got goosebumps. Sharon helped me understand what I couldn't put into words about why I have still been holding back & has re-inspired me to move forward with a renewed sense of purpose & desire.
I can't believe how one session with someone can turn you back around and put you back on your path".
Tammie Pike
Skills and Training
"There is definitely not enough space for Sharon to write all the skills and training she has on her business cards.
When I first went to see Sharon, I was expecting a straight text book kinesiology session. What I got was a whole lot more. I had some stuck energy relating back to the feeding trauma my son and I experienced when he was born. It was something that no matter what I did to address it, wouldn’t shake away.
Planning on having a second child, I knew I needed address it and release. So much mother guilt was carried with the trauma. In one session Sharon released it all for me.
I have so much gratitude for her work. She incorporates so much into her sessions. She is a wealth of knowledge on so many topics. She is a healer I cannot recommend enough".
“Today I had a Transformative Kinesiology session with Sharon Stanford via online. If you ever doubt it can be as effective online as in person, no worries. It totally works. It's amazing how much transformed and released in that session. I had an old childhood issue that I wanted cleared so I can move into 2018 with more of my energy available for creating and serving. Thank you Sharon. Feeling relieved, tender, open, strong, solid, fluid, relaxed, excited.”
Aesha Kennedy