The Moon and the Astral Body
February 18, 2018

I often read about people panicking, having a hard time and blaming things on the moon.
The thing is, the moon is a dead rock that reflects the sun. Yes, it has an astral body but life left it a long time ago.

Having no natural light it is like a mirror for the sun’s rays, as is earth. The main difference between the two is the earth is still alive and absorbing some of the Light.

The astral body is a transmitter and the clearer it is, the better it transmits. Its function is to transmit vibrations between the physical and the causal bodies. Things get trapped in the astral as they do not proceed by the physical and emotional (part of the astral) bodies. With etheric sight, this makes the astral look muddy/dense/cloudy/dark.

Our task is to clear the astral plane. We do this by working on ourselves. The most common method for humanity at present is through analysing the self and processing emotions, beliefs and memories that prevent us from communication with the causal body. There are no negative emotions, there are emotions that need to be processed such as fear, rejection, isolation, anger, greed, victimhood and manipulation.
When emotions are processed they are transformed to Light and Love, the two powerful forces in the universe (hence why I call myself a Transformative Kinesiologist as this is the aim of my work).
Back to the moon.

The moon is dead but its astral body is very much alive and holds much of the projected unconsciousness of humanity, hence why it feels so powerful.

This is extremely important to keep in mind when working with lunar energy.

This is why at full moon it can feel a bit crazy as the full light of the sun is reflected and distorted through the moon’s astral plane.

At new moon, we have nothing reflected to distract us and we partly see/feel our own astral plane (yes, this is what you are feeling, your lower nature, like it or not).

So you have a choice. You can be buffeted around by the unprocessed nature of the astral plane or you can work on yourself and take control.

For me, I love the energy of the dark or new moon as it takes away the noisy distraction of the projected human emotions held in the moon’s astral plane and I get much done. I use the full moon to concentrate on Love and Light through service. So there is a gentle movement from within to without and back within again.

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