The T.E.A. process
June 15, 2018

Manifesting is as easy as T.E.A.

The tea principle is a simple method for manifesting whatever you desire. I’ve been using it for a while and thought it time to share it with you.

First I’m going to share one of the fundamental rules – your abundance flows from where your attention goes. This means that whatever you concentrate on you get. This is always the case. And – the more attention to give something the stronger it comes to you. This means if you believe that you deserve a high income it will come to you. But if you also believe that a high income means more work and you don’t want the extra work you will conflict the first belief and your life will stay in stasis until one of these beliefs becomes stronger. It is usually the negative belief that wins because if we don’t get what we want quickly we tend to believe that it won’t come.

Secondly, there is another fundamental rule – most manifestation occurs in a time lag. When we manifest along the stream we are already travelling our manifestations tend to fall into line fairly quickly. For example, if I am already in the car travelling to my destination it is easy to think of the perfect parking spot, play some nice music in the car, strengthen my visualisation and wallah – the parking spot appears.  I’ve done it before on numerous times and there is little resistance to the belief that the parking spot will be there.

If what I want requires a change in direction from where I have been going or a big belief shift, the new way of being takes time. Think of turning a big truck around, you can’t just turn the wheel in the opposite direction and do a 180 degree turn. There is slowing the truck down, checking there is enough space and turning, then gaining speed in the other direction which all takes time.

So let’s talk about the TEA principal.

T – thoughts. If your world is not how you want it, it is usually something to do with what you believe to be true. the outer reflects the inner. After you know what you want, think it through. If it is a big thing break it down into chunks, there is much less resistance on the little things that a big thing. Look at why you would believe you couldn’t get it and work on changing these beliefs. Remove the sabotage.

E – emotion. Our emotions are like the signal that attracts what we want. that’s why it’s important to get your thoughts into order first. Once you have eliminated the reasons for not getting something you can connect emotionally with what you want. Think of a time when you were so happy and appreciative. When your energy goes up, connect deep into the heart. Put this emotion around what you desire.

A – action. Once you have the connection between your heart and what you want then reach forth your hand and imagine you grasp and bring into your heart all the experiences and feelings you will have when you get it. Then continue with your day as if you already have it. Notice any hiccups in your feelings, if they are there go back to the “T” and run through the exercise again.

There is a final step and that is to cheer. Always celebrate, no matter how big or how small your manifestation. You are a powerful creator, wave those pom poms, do the dance, holler out loud, drink that champagne. You are worth the celebration.


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